Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lunch Update

I haven't posted lunches in awhile.  Don't worry the girls have been eating but it has been very busy lately, especially with the upcoming deployment.  I haven't felt as creative lately or I forget to take pictures of their lunches.  So here are a few lunches from the last couple of weeks.

As you can see this lunch was right before Halloween.  The girls had PB&apple butter silly pumpkin sandwiches, pretzels, a pumpkin muffin, homemade applesauce and Halloween marshmallows.  This was packed in their Easy Lunchboxes.

This lunch was packed on Halloween.  RIP Halloween until next year.  The girls had a PB&J gravestone sandwich, snack mix, yogurt in the spider cup and green grapes with candy eyeballs.  I loved the grapes, they made me laugh while making their lunches.

This flower has a very 70's vibe, don't you think.  This was a PB&J sandwich with fruit leather decorations, sour cream and onion corn puffs, yogurt with sprinkles and peaches.

This was a tired morning lunch.  The girls had a PB&J sandwich cut with our airplane Lunch Punch cutter, yogurt with sprinkles, and strawberries. 

Both of the girls have had an increased appetite lately (growth spurt?) and had been complaining that they were still hungry after they ate their lunch.  This morning I made sure to pack plenty of food but when I cleaned out their lunchboxes after school neither one of them had hardly touched their lunch.  When I asked why they didn't eat it they said they weren't that hungry today.  Ugh, you can't win.  I packed them an acorn and leaf PB& apple butter sandwiches, pretzels, cereal bar, an apple cinnamon leaf shaped muffin, yogurt with sprinkles and a GoGO squeez.

I promised Thanksgiving lunches for the girls on Fridays but last Friday I couldn't get it together to make one so I made one for them yesterday.  They had a turkey shaped PB&J sandwich with fruit leather feathers and eye, pretzels, greek vanilla yogurt with frozen berries and a GoGoSqueez.

We had BLT's for dinner last night and used all the bread, thankfully I had bagels.  They have a toasted mini bagel with peanut butter and apple butter, crackers,  homemade apple chips, grapes and greek vanilla yogurt with frozen berries. 

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