Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Have you ever looked around and thought, "What the hell happened to the last year of my life?!"  That is me right now. Somehow 2015 is here and I'm not really sure how I made it here.
In the last year my husband retired from 23 years in the Air Force, we took an extremely giant leap of faith and moved to Las Vegas in hopes that the job my husband was interviewing for worked out, failed at selling our house, put said house up for rent, moved in with my parents, the girls turned 10, added a new dog to our clan, experienced more levels of frustration than I can count, went an entire month with no income (scary), added several pounds to my already squishy body, and a lot more gray hairs to my head. 
On the flip side to all the craziness there have been many positives too. My husband got the job, the girls adjusted very well to the move and new school, we finally (after almost 6 months) found a renter for our house, we enjoy the weather out here very much, the girls have found some great activities that are bringing out who they are more and more every day, and I can't be grateful enough that we had family to help us through all of this.

I'm really happy to say that in 2 days we get the keys to our home for the next year.  Among many of the frustrations we have encountered, buying a house has topped the list. We started running into so many obstacles and my stress level kept increasing to padded room levels that my husband looked me in the face and said, "We'll rent."  I wish I could say to you that when this was said  I breathed a sigh of relief and hugged and kissed my husband for being my rescuer. Yeah, not so much.  Let's just say a meltdown of epic proportions happened.  Apparently all the stress that I had been hanging on to  latched onto this moment and hitched a ride on the one way trip Meltdown Island.  My husband describes it different.  He likens it to me being exposed to gamma rays and waiting for me to turn green and smash things. Gotta love him.  But he is right and I'm definitely not proud of this but such is life and we all can't be perfect no matter how hard we try.  So, after a good cry and rational discussions I felt better about the decision and we set out looking for a home to rent. We found a great home that we can call ours for the next year and I'm really excited to get moved in. We made a run to target today for cleaning supplies and I can't remember the last time I was that excited to buy cleaners.

There have been many conversations recently with my husband about "life" and the one thing I know, (and struggle with everyday) is that I am NOT ultimately in control. No matter how many lists I make it is not my plan.  Somehow in these last 6 months I have forgotten that it's God's plan and no matter how we think things should happen He is there and in control.  I still struggle everyday trying to take back that control but He knows I'm not perfect and loves me for it. I am a child of God and he takes great joy in that.
So here's to a new year, new city, new home, and new adventures.