Saturday, January 26, 2013

Snow Day

It snowed!  I use the exclamation point only because of the girls.  They were so excited.  I'm not a big fan of cold weather.  My Fibromyalgia has caused me to be hypersensitive to cold weather and its very painful for me. This is actually our second snow day and neither time dropped a lot of snow but its two more snow days than we had last year so when you're 8 years old its something to celebrate.  I went out long enough to snap a few pictures of the girls and then run back into the house where its toasty warm.  I reheated leftover chicken tortilla soup for lunch and then made bread pudding as a special treat.  It was so delicious and makes me think of home.  Now to find a cozy blanket and take a nap.
Happy Weekend!

Friday, January 18, 2013

The Week in Lunches 1/14-1/18

 Here is the roundup of this week's lunches. This week the girls had some very simple lunches.  I had absolutely no imagination this week.  Between gray skies, constant rain and plumbing issues I was lucky I was able to pull myself out of the bed and put clothes on everyday.  
The girls had a very simple lunch on Monday.  They had peanut butter and apple butter sandwiches, sour cream and onion corn puffs, vanilla Greek yogurt with frozen mixed berries, dried bananas and a side car of Chocolate Ginger Bliss from this month's Nature Box.  The girls loved this mix.  Kaitlyn wasn't too keen on the candied ginger pieces but Hannah couldn't get enough of them.
On Tuesday the girls had simple lunch #2.  A peanut butter and apple butter sandwich cut into small squares, pretzels, vanilla Greek yogurt with frozen mixed berries, cucumber roll ups, a Go Go Squeez and a Easy Lunchbox Mini Dipper with Lone Star Snack Mix from Nature Box. The cucumber roll ups were something new for the girls.  Its just a flour tortilla with cream cheese and cucumbers rolled up and cut in smaller pieces.  It was a hit with Hannah not so much with Kaitlyn.
On Wednesday I packed Hannah more cucumber roll ups (by request), grape tomatoes, pepperoni, pita crackers, a cheese stick, squeezy yogurt, Go Go Squeez and a homemade oatmeal cookie.
Kaitlyn had pepperoni, a Laughing Cow cheese wedge, pita crackers, grape tomatoes, cucumber slices, squeezy yogurt, Go Go Squeez and a homemade oatmeal cookie.
I had a rough day on Wednesday and was feeling a little emotional on Thursday so I decided to make sure the girls got a little extra love in their lunch box.  The have heart shaped sandwiches with peanut butter and apple butter, sour cream and onion corn puffs, vanilla Greek yogurt with frozen mixed berries, a Cutie, and a Mini Dipper with Lone Star Snack Mix from Nature Box. I also added a Lunchbox Love note to each of their lunches.
Finally Friday.  Today we had our first school delay due to snow.  It wasn't a lot of snow but enough to make the girls happy.  In honor of our 2 hour snow delay I made the girls a snow lunch.  They each had 2 circle sandwiches with snowflakes stamped into them, sour cream and onion corn puffs, vanilla Greek yogurt with snowflake sprinkles and frozen berries underneath, dried bananas and Wild Berry Bunch from our Nature Box.

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

This week in Lunches

 This was the girls first full week back to school since break.  Here is this weeks lunches.






Thursday, January 3, 2013

Coming Back

I can't believe it has been so long since I was here.  It seems like the minute December 1st hit my life went in hyper speed.  With a husband deployed and the holidays looming I honestly couldn't find a moment to check in. So what has been happening here?

We started off the holiday season by making some salt dough ornaments.  This was a lot of fun and the girls had a great time helping to make them and then painting them with a couple of friends. Sorry no pictures of the finished ornaments.

I decided to have a Craft and Cookie Decorating Party for the girls and a few friends this year.  What a fun day.  I just love hearing the conversations that girls have, it is really quite funny.  They made 3 different ornaments; the felt candy cane mice, clothespin reindeer and trees made from actual twigs and beads.  I had one other project prepared but they were ready for cookie decorating and hot cocoa.  Nothing better than amping up a bunch of girls on sugar and then sending them home with their parents. I sent mine outside.  I'm no fool! :)

There was some crafty giving this year too.  I crocheted both scarves for the girl's teachers using this pattern for the scarf but used a different pattern for the flower (sorry no link) and I added a button to the center and also one on the opposite side so that the scarf could be held in place.  The girls and I made the sugar scrubs for their Girls Scout leaders and teachers.  We tried some homemade lip balm but it didn't work out.   
  The girls made thumbprint cards for all their gift giving.  I gave them a few ideas but I love seeing what they can come up with on their own.

Amongst all these activities I also hosted a Cookie Exchange with a few of my friends (sorry no pictures, I was too busy hostessing), an annual Gingerbread House decorating party at our friends house, Christmas present shopping, Christmas movie watching, and lots of hot chocolate, coffee and wine drinking.  Both girls ended up sick on Christmas but they got open their presents while their daddy watched via Facetime.  It was a busy month and am glad we had all the activities and time with our friends to keep us busy but I am happy that things are slowly getting back to normal.  What ever that is. :)