Friday, January 24, 2014


Oh January where do you come from?  I feel like it was just Christmas and now January is almost done.  There has been so much happening here.  The girls went back to school, the weather has been super crazy (thank you polar vortex), I have been cleaning like a mad woman, and the dreaded winter cooties have landed at our house.
Right after Christmas Jef and I had a serious sit down conversation about what this year has in store for us.  Jef will be retiring this year from the Air Force and this leaves us in a strange place.  He will retire just shy of 23 the years and I have been with him 17 of those years.  Its what we know and now we are entering the unknown.  Really scary.  Our plan had always been for him to get a civilian position on a base but that plan changed when they put a stop on civilian jobs because of budget and all that nonsense.  Now we find ourselves in unknown territory of the real world.  We have two plans.  Plan A is to find a job.  Obviously.  We are looking where we live now and also in Las Vegas (where my family is).  The thought of starting completely over where we know no one makes us both a little uncomfortable.  Plan B came from the lack of jobs he was finding in the pay range we need.   No matter how much experience he has managing people and jobs the pay is reduced significantly and jobs are scarce for us without the BA/BS.  So Plan B is to move to Vegas and stay with family while he finishes his degree.  So with all that being said we have decided to put the house on the market.  (Commence stress puking here).  After the plans were discussed I pulled out the legal pads and starting making lists.  Cleaning lists, project lists, and packing lists.  I NEED to write things down.  I am not a "wing it" kind of girl.  These lists are overwhelming.  So one day at a time and one list at a time things are starting to get done. Well, until the cooties hit our house.
Poor Hannah has been sick since last Monday.  We are off to the doctor again today.  Well, I should say we will be seeing a doctor today.  Walk in hours at the base were useless.  Hopefully we can find out what is wrong and get her better.  Jef has also been sick but seems to be on the mend.  With all the sickness, a holiday, and scheduled teacher work days my cleaning and project list have been put on hold, oh yeah, and not to mention two snow days thrown in.  The crazy weather has me begging for Spring.  Temperatures in the teens with below 0 wind chills is not normal for this mid-Atlantic state.
The girls ventured out for a very short time to play in the snow.

 I know a formal introduction is needed but for now, this is Ruby.  She was very unsure about the snow at first but it didn't take her long to start loving it.
I hope your January days have been less stressful, less busy, and a lot warmer than mine.  Here's hoping for an early Spring.