Wednesday, May 8, 2013


This is what my dining room looks like right now.  I do not have a sewing/craft room (although I dream of one) so I have to set up in the dining room to do any sewing or crafts.  Thankfully with it just being the girls and I right now we don't mind eating around the coffee table.  I will have to clean things up in a few weeks before my husband comes home!  I have made progress on my W.I.P.S; the mermaids are all done, I started cutting squares out of the fabric that will make up the rest of that quilt, I am working on the dresses I cut out last year (very fussy pattern), one of the crochet blankets is coming along, and I worked in a cute top for the girls made with 2 bandannas. Its a variation on a pillowcase dress.

Super cute and super simple.  From start to finish it may have taken 20 minutes.  They are perfect dresses for little ones and then turn into a cute top as they grow.  Here is the link for it here. I think I will make one for my great-niece and maybe a few for the girls friends that are all getting ready to have birthdays.  
Off to work on something, have a great one!


  1. Dare I hope that MA1 might get one?!?! We are trying to pin down a date for a sleep over. It might have to wait until late June. May is so busy.

    1. I bought 2 pretty blue bandanas just for her. :)