Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Strawberry Pickin

 On Saturday I woke the girls a little early, made a stop at Dunkin Donuts, and headed over the bridge (James River Bridge) to go strawberry picking.  The girls love to pick strawberries and we are almost out of the last strawberry jam I made so there was a need. The girls and I have been looking forward to this since the season changed.  I have been calling the "Strawberry Hotline" since late April to find out when the fields would be open.  It was a little muddy and damp that morning due to recent storms but like they say " A little dirt (or mud) never hurt anyone!"

On Sunday morning I woke up and started busying myself preparing for the strawberry work ahead.   

 The first time I made strawberry jam the girls were about 4.  Kaitlyn tasted it and declared it will be the only jam she will eat.  She wasn't kidding either.  If she is presented with jam that I didn't make she is very reluctant to eat it.  Funny girl.  The jam process is not a hard process but it would be better with 2 people.  The girls are too young to stand at the stove stirring a pot of hot molten lava. In the future they will help but not yet.  They don't need to wear a Phineas and Ferb band-aid because of second degree burns like someone else I know. (ahem :/) After 2 batches of jam I ended up with 20 half-pint jars.  I also had enough strawberries to freeze 4 quart bags and fill two containers for eating.
Not too bad.  Sadly this will all disappear very quickly.  The girls and I can go through fruit like no body's business.  
So much deliciousness in one bowl.  Yum!  I think I will make a pie.  Probably this one.  Double Yum!

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