Friday, April 26, 2013

Science Fair

The girls go to a magnet elementary school with a focus on environmental science.  The classes are required to do a science project each year.  This year I went through the list of possible projects and narrowed it down to four, knowing that I would be the only parent to assist them. I didn't want two frustrated girls or a very frustrated Mama.  Here are their projects:

Kaitlyn chose,  "Does Sugar Prolong the Life of Cut Flowers"

(Gotta love a project that makes your table look nice)
Sadly, the amount of sugar we used did not help our flowers live longer.
(Proud of her project)

Hannah's project was titled, "Does Baking Soda Lower the Temperature of Water"

We did find out that baking soda does lower the temperature of water.
Happy to show off her project.
All the kids did a really wonderful job on all their projects.  They had comment cards for the parents to fill out for the kids after they explained what they did.  They loved seeing all the comments the parents were leaving for them.  After the science fair the kids were treated to bags of popcorn.  It doesn't get much better than that!

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  1. They did wonderfully! Those would be fun experiments to do with MA over the summer. A little thinking, not much mess, and a pretty table!