Friday, February 22, 2013

A Week of Birthday Fun

Confession:  I always say that my birthday is not a big deal but in fact I really do look forward to it.  Not for any profound reason its just that its MY day. I think Hannah summed it up really well in the car the other day.  We were discussing my birthday and and after the conversation was over Kaitlyn says:
"I love birthdays" and Hannah replies, "Yeah, cuz you get cake".  A girl after my own heart.  

This week was my birthday but also my husbands birthday.  His birthday was Sunday and I was so happy to see that his troops helped him celebrate with:
a nice birthday sign,
delicious (so I hear) Pancit noodles,
and of course a care package from home.

Wednesday was my birthday and while the morning was spent at a doctor's appointment and the evening at the girls' Girl Scout meeting, in between was a little celebrating with: 

birthday cupcakes with my favorite girls,
a wonderful visit from a friend that brought me a present and turtle cheesecake,
a wonderful surprise gift from my husband,
a delicious dinner of Garlic Citrus Roast Chicken and
these really yummy potatoes that my daughters go crazy for.

On Thursday the celebrating continued with a trip to the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival.  Head over to my friend's blog and read about our adventure.  We always have a great time and sometimes it is at the expense of other people's hard work.  To our defense we do appreciate the time and effort that is put into these quilts but sometimes you just have to say "Really!"

To wrap up my birthday week, today I was treated to a sushi lunch with 3 amazing ladies.  We had sushi and seaweed salad and laughed until it hurt.  It doesn't get much better than that.  

Until next birthday...

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