Friday, October 26, 2012

The Week in Lunches

This week I captured the fall season in each lunch.  I was also able to get a picture of every lunch this week.

On Monday the girls had a fall leaves lunch. They had PB & homemade apple butter leaf sandwiches, veggie sticks, yogurt with sprinkles and green grapes in the pumpkin cup. 

On Tuesday they had a fall sampler lunch.  My girls do not like lunch meat sandwiches. I have tried many times with them but they either pull it apart and eat it separately or just leave it untouched.  This is an easier way for me to get something besides peanut butter in them.   They had crackers, cucumbers cut into leaves, cheese cut with a squirrel cutter and salami slices.  They also have yogurt with sprinkles and more green grapes. 


I was in Target the other day and scored a really big leaf cookie cutter on clearance.  I used it on Wednesday to cut their PB & homemade apple butter sandwich.  I put in veggies sticks, yogurt with sprinkles, apple slices and apple straws.

On Thursday the girls had a PB&J sandwich cut with a pumpkin cookie cutter, pretzels in the pumpkin cup, a pumpkin shaped homemade Oreo, yogurt with sprinkles and pear slices. 

The girls were so excited for today.  I told them earlier in the week that I had bought a new cutter for their lunch on Friday.  They spent all week try to figure out what it was.  Hannah guessed it this morning while they were eating breakfast but I made them wait until it was all done before they could see it.  So, today we have a PB & apple butter sandwich cut with the new Frankenstein cutter decorated with large candy eyes and fruit leather, Halloween chips, yogurt with bug sprinkles, 4 Halloween Joe Joe's Cookies from Trader Joe's, and a GoGo Squeez.  I think it came out really cute.

Enjoy your Friday, we are preparing for a hurricane Sandy just in case she decides to pay us a visit.  


  1. girl i am so going to copy your lunches!!! love it! :) hope you are doing well!

    1. Go for it! I bet your daughter would love them.