Friday, October 19, 2012

The Week in Lunches

I don't take pictures of every lunch I make for the girls.  Some days I am just not creative enough or I am short on time.  I think posting them once a week will work out great.  I hope you will join me each week to see what the girls had for lunch. 

This lunch was puuuurrrrfect.  The girls had PB&J cat sandwiches with candy eyes and fruit leather decorations, goldfish crackers, yogurt with fish sprinkles and apples slices with letter picks.

On Wednesday the girls had creepy cat and spider PB&J sandwiches, Halloween chips, applesauce, a tube of yogurt and a spider cup full of Antioxidant Boost mix from our October Nature Box


This morning was a little bit hectic.  After getting the girls settled at the table with their breakfast I started packing their lunches as usual.  To my surprise there was not one slice of bread or the tiniest bit of yogurt in the house.  I promised the girls a Halloween lunch every Friday and I couldn't let them down.  I scoured the cabinets and found some Halloween pasta and put it to boil on the stove.  I always keep a jar of good spaghetti sauce for quick dinners but was out of that too.  (I think I need to go to the store.)  So, at 7:00 this morning I was sauteing shallots and garlic and making my own sauce.  It's not a smell I am used to at that time of day.  Nonetheless, the girls got a Halloween lunch.  I packed their Halloween pasta in their thermos and made them a piece of garlic ghost toast.  The also had a cereal bar, apple slices and a Halloween Homemade Oreo using this recipe from the Momables website.  The are made with whole wheat flour which tastes really nice with cocoa powder.  Friday Halloween lunch was saved and everyone was happy.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend! 


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