Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I am a little behind in posting some of the girls lunches.  Here are a few lunches from last week.  I may start doing a weekly post just for lunches to make it easier. 

After our apple picking adventure I wanted to make the girls an apple lunch and this is what I came up with.

The girls had a pb&j apple shaped sandwich, pretzels, apple shaped cucumber slices and cheddar cheese slices.  They also had yogurt with fall leaves sprinkles and of course apple slices with a cute tree pick.

Their next lunch had me giggling the whole time.  There is just something silly about those owls.
They have pb&honey owl shaped sandwiches with fruit leather and candy eye decorations, veggie sticks, yogurt with fall leaves sprinkles and more apple slices. 

The girls only had a half day on friday so no lunch was needed.  I packed them their Halloween lunch a day early.
This lunch was a ghost and "Boo" shaped pb&pumpkin butter sandwiches with fruit leather decorations, corn puffs, yogurt with sprinkles, and a lemon poppy seed jack-o-lantern muffin.

I went out of town for the weekend with some wonderful ladies from church.  On Saturday the girls asked my husband if he could make them "a lunch like mom makes".  He heartily laughed and said no but he could make them a sandwich.  Cute. 

Have a wonderful day!

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