Friday, October 5, 2012

Nuts About Halloween

It has been a crazy busy week.  There are weeks that the calendar looks black because there is so much written down.  Today is definitely one of those really busy days that I didn't think I could squeeze one more thing in.  I had everything planned out down to the hour and then... "Mom, can you PLEASE come eat lunch with us today? PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEEEEEEEASE!"  So, I rearranged the plan and went and had lunch with my girls.  It's always an experience having lunch with them at school.  They each get to pick a friend and we sit at a special table reserved for parent/child lunches.  It is a great opportunity to find out what their friends are like and the conversations that go around the table are usually quite funny.  After lunch I was asked by one of the 3rd grade teachers if I could stay. I really needed to leave but she had the same look on her face as the girls did this morning when they were begging for me to come to lunch. I said "SURE!" and stayed to help grade some papers.  The rearranged plan has been thrown out the window and here I sit in front of my computer writing a post.  Oh well, all those things will get done just not today.

October always seems to be a busy month.  School is moving along, after school activities have started and the most coveted holiday happens at the end of the month.  Halloween!  Halloween has always been my favorite and I love that my girls and husband enjoy it just as much as I do.  The minute pumpkins start appearing at grocery stores and farmers markets we are in full Halloween mode.  I am a little slow getting the house decorated this year but it will happen soon. The girls started asking for Halloween lunches last month and  I promised them I would make a Halloween lunch every Friday this month and as many as I can come up with the week of Halloween.  Here is their first Halloween lunch.
Today the girls had Jack-o-Lantern and Bat PB and pumpkin butter sandwiches with fruit leather decorations, Halloween chips (so cute), yogurt with sprinkles in the pumpkin cup and Halloween marshmallows in the spider cup.  They also have a Go Go Squeez.

Thankfully this time of year is filled with many opportunities for fun lunches not just Halloween ones. Yesterday the girls had this fun Fall lunch.
The girls had 2 acorn PB and pumpkin butter sandwiches, pretzels, yogurt with frozen mixed berries, and grapes with a autumn pick that I made from a toothpick and 2 stickers.  The stickers didn't exactly line up but it was still cute. 

The days and weeks ahead are filled with many activities and family time.  I am really excited for many of our upcoming outings and time together.  I hope you too have some fun times planned this month. Happy Friday!

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