Monday, September 10, 2012

Manic Monday

It's that dreaded day of the week.  I did NOT want to get up when the alarm started wailing this morning.  So here's a cute lunch to start the week off.
The girls have a peanut butter and jelly silly face sandwich with veggie stick hair (and a few under the sandwich), yogurt with sprinkles and grapes.  Not pictured is a homemade granola bar using this recipe.  If you haven't checked out the MOMables website you should go there now.  It is a great resource for healthy lunches (and more) for your kids.  It definitely helps when you get in a lunch packing rut.

So, make a silly face at Monday and go empty the dishwasher. (Sorry, trying to motivate myself)


  1. Ha! My Krewe is eating those same granola bars this week. I used flax seed meal rather than all oat flour. My only complaint is that they are a bit crumbly. I think I overcooked them. I added apricots and sunflower seeds. I'd also like to try a sunflower butter instead of PB just to take the overall PB taste down a notch.

    So where did the great eyes come from?

  2. Uhm, remember when we used to talk. On the phone?

    1. HA! HA! I remember those days.
      The first time I made the granola bars they came out perfect with very little crumbling. This time I don't think I packed them down good enough and mine are crumbly. Still delicious though. I used chocolate chips and almonds this time. Sunflower butter would be good in them or almond butter. The eyes are from the Wilton ailse at Michaels. I stick them on with a little PB.