Thursday, September 27, 2012

It's A Dog's Life

It was an early morning for us today.  Kaitlyn woke my husband around 5:00 this morning because she heard a noise in her room.  Kaitlyn, like me, is not a heavy sleeper.  This is not the first time that she has heard something in the middle of the night and come to report it.  These wakings usually end with a grumpy parent stumbling and mumbling back to bed. Last night she came back a little later because she had found the cause of the noise.  Apparently a big, nasty cockroach had crawled into her lego bucket and was trying to get out.   I HATE cockroaches!  Especially the mutant ones we have here in Virginia.  There is so much water around us we get the supersize water bugs.  So GROSS! It makes me feel like my house is dirty, which it is not.  Thankfully my husband took care of the situation and everyone went back to bed.  Not to sleep, but back to bed.  I got up shortly after the bug fiasco and started on their lunches.  This lunch was fun to make and they were really excited when they saw it.
The dog sandwich is PB&J with candy eyes and fruit leather nose and mouth.  The have Trader Joe Sour Cream and Onion Corn Puffs (the girls said that it looked like his dog food), cucumber slices and baby carrots.  I added alphabet letter cookies to spell out "Ruff" and a Go Go Squeez. 

   I am off to clean legos and find the bug spray. Wishing you a great day!

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