Thursday, September 20, 2012

Last Days of Summer

In honor of these last days of Summer I packed the girls a summer lunch.  I hope it reminds them of all the fun days we had this year.

This summer lunch contains flip flop and sunglasses PB&J sandwiches, Trader Joes Sour Cream and Onion Corn Puffs, yogurt with sprinkles and a frozen yogurt bite on top, and fresh pineapple.  I decorated the sandwiches with fruit leather and added a hula girl pick for fun.

Enjoy your last days of summer because a new season is upon us.  A season of many changes in our house.  I will be back soon to tell you about these changes. 


  1. I need a hook up for those ice cube trays. MA and D would love that in their lunches. I've threatened S with the football helmet sandwich! Next week, I think, if the Saints win!

    1. I picked up one the other day at Walmart in the party area. It was in with some dollar items. The beachy ones I have had for a few years and I can't remember where I got them. I'm sure you could Google silicone ice cube trays and could find anything you want. I found Batman ones I would love to get Hannah. What I like about sending them in their yogurt is that I know their yogurt will stay cold. I think you should send S with a Saints lunch. That would be awesome!