Friday, August 2, 2013


Thank God It's Friday! No statement could ring truer for me today than this.  I have been going full throttle for 2 weeks.  Last week Jef took the week off so we could work on the girls' room updates (post to come soon).  After a solid week of painting and decorating the rest of my house looked like a week long college frat party had taken place. So, come Monday morning I sent Jef off to work and while the girls did this...
...I worked all day trying to get my house back together.  

Tuesday morning I made my usual trip to the garden only to find that my garden had exploded and I need to can.  A long day of work yielded this...
...pretty good if I do say so myself.  Tuesday also brings the news that my husband has possibly torn the meniscus in his knee and is on crutches.  :/

Wednesday morning I got up early and mowed the front lawn.  It was beginning to look like a jungle and with a husband on crutches it is now my job, again.  We have a rather large yard so I only managed the front that day. 

Thursday has become somewhat a dirty word for me.  If things are going to go wrong it will happen on Thursday.  This Thursday was one of those wrong Thursdays.  It didn't start off too bad other than mowing the back yard in the misty rain but the physical output of yard work offset that.  In preparation for hosting the the men's group from church that evening the girls and I ran to the store to pick up a few items for them.  This is where things go foul.  I was verbally "beeped" at by an elderly gentlemen because I stopped to mark something off my list, I was "beeped" at leaving the parking lot because I refused to pull out into oncoming traffic, I was then "beeped" and "fist waved" at by a bus driver because apparently I violated a Virginia state law that I was unaware of, I was then almost run over pulling into the driveway.   I decided that I didn't need to leave the house again.  Sometime after lunch a Hazmat truck turned over on I64 spilling its contents.  This caused all kinds of traffic horrors.  It took my husband over two hours to get home from work (a normally 30 minute commute).  When he finally arrived home I am running around trying to fix supper for the girls and I and prepare a few treats for the men.  Due to traffic issues only 2 of the men showed for last night's meeting.  About an hour into their meeting a nasty storm came up and they had to quickly come inside.  Thunder and lightening and wind was quickly around us and a very loud bang startled the girls and I.  I peek out onto the deck and this is what I see...
 ...In our haste to get everyone and the food inside the umbrella for my table was left up.  The wind took sail of my umbrella and shattered the glass.  The thunder continued and rattled the house and a couple of picture frames fell off a shelf and broke one.  At this point I am laughing.  I went to bed thinking of my day.  I know a lesson of patience and kindness was being given to me yesterday but I also think a lesson in control was there too.  Control in 2 forms.  Control #1:  "Keep controlling your actions Jannette, your children are watching" and Control #2:  "Jannette, you are not in control, I am."  I admit to being somewhat of a control freak and God has a tendency to put me in my place from time to time.  Yesterday must have been one of those days. "Stop trying to control everything and make it go your way and listen to Me." 

This brings us to today, Friday.  I have absolutely nothing I HAVE to do.  There are things that need to be done but nothing that won't keep.  I am hoping today will be a much better day but as I sit here my dog has thrown up twice and my cat once in the only room with carpet.  *Sigh*   

So here is my annoying, I had a crappy week post.  I know they are incredibly annoying to read on Facebook but this is my blog and well, my place to whine.  Here's to a better day and good weekend.  


  1. I love you, Jannette! Here's to a better weekend from one control freak to another ;) Hugs!

    1. Love you too! I'm glad to have control freak company. :)