Monday, August 19, 2013


On Wednesday August 14 the girls turned 9 years old!  It is so hard to believe that 9 years ago these 2 little girls of mine were born 12 weeks early and very tiny.  Their birthday was spent at home with just our little family with a party to come on Saturday with friends.  We took the girls out to eat and made some really fun tie dye cupcakes.  Followed up with presents from the family.

They got LOTS of Legos!

On Saturday we celebrated their birthday with the friends with a Paint Party.  The weather did not cooperate with us so we had to bring it inside.  The party was really fun and I think all the girls had a good time.


 Decorations (hubby took this pic before I had a chance to set everything out)

 Everyone got a smock (apron) and a beret.

 Straw painting!

 Their masterpieces drying.

 Happy Birthday Girls!

 The inside of the cake!



  1. Happy Birthday to the girls - thank you for including Espy in their festivities!

  2. Jazz had such a great time and the straw painting creation is awesome! Might have to use that idea in GS this year....