Thursday, July 17, 2014


I can't believe the last time I posted there was snow on the ground.  It has been very busy and hectic in this house of ours these last few months. So many changes. A house for sale, a husband retired, new job in the works, and a cross country move happening in just a few short weeks. My head has been spinning since January and it hasn't stopped yet. I have tried very hard to try to keep some normal things happening this summer just to keep some sanity. I planted a late garden this year.  I had not planned on one because of the house being on the market but the garden beds just looked so sad.  I grabbed a few tomato plants and rummaged through some old seeds I had and everything is doing pretty well. Well, except for the yellow pear tomatoes.  I don't know why I keep buying that variety because they never make it.  Oh well.
Ruby and I have our morning routine down this summer.  She and I are up way before anyone else in the house so we have plenty of time to survey the estate, water everything, and little game of doggie soccer.  She is a good morning companion.
We didn't sign the girls up for any camps this summer not knowing what our plans would be after the retirement but we have tried to throw in as many fun things as we can in between all the nuttiness. Jef's best friend Mike came to visit us for a few days so we hit the base pool for a few hours of fun.  The girls love it.  It has a great slide and a diving board. The big kids love it just as much.  The base pool has adult swim every hour.  It only lasts about 15 minutes but its nice if they want to swim laps or just hang with other adults and not have to worry about kids.  Yeah right, what really happens is the adults have free run of the pool to act like big kids.  Cannon balls off the diving board, no waiting for kids on the slide, and a little showing off for everyone with their fancy dives off the board.  Its quite funny actually.
I hope you are having a great summer!

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