Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Holiday Endings and Beginnings

 Hello!  I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Ours was interesting.  The Saturday before Thanksgiving I came down with something short of horrible.  I pride myself on not getting sick very often but when I do get something it usually puts me out.  This one was no different. My cough would put any 2 pack a day smoker to shame.  Just saying.  
On top of my virus, my husband had surgery on his knee 2 days before Thanksgiving.  I was still quite ill at this point and thanks to a wonderful and maybe a little crazy friend, she took the girls for the night so that Jef and I could be at the hospital by 6:00 a.m. After medicating myself enough that people wouldn't run from me if they heard me cough,  we arrived early and prepared Jef for his surgery.   The surgery went really well and he is recovering quite nicely. He is up and moving around surprisingly well.  I thought his recovery would be much worse.  I on the other hand am still coughing and have lost most of my voice.  Mind you that doesn't keep me from talking but it sounds like a dying goose.

On a fun note, the day after Thanksgiving brings a much anticipated visitor to our home.
This is Murray or Elf.  Murray is a fun addition to the house at Christmas and keeps an eye the comings and goings of our crazy house.  The girls talk to him, show him pictures they draw of him, and search for him everyday.  Murray is not a mischievous elf but does like to have camp outs and eat candy in our house.  Murray is not used a discipline tool for us he just keeps things lively around here.  
The first day that Murray visits he decorates our small table in the kitchen and brings the fixings for Elf Pancakes for us to enjoy.  

In recent years Jef has been deployed and missed out on Murray's arrival.  He declared that Elf Pancakes were the best pancakes.  Elf Pancakes, by the way, are just your typical pancake mix (mine is my grandmothers mix) with sprinkles added.  Jef said there was something else in them. And of course I said "Yep, Elf Love"! 
I hope your Thanksgiving was well and you are entering into the season of giving with open hearts.


  1. Elf love is the best! I was glad to see Jef so peppy and moving so well at the Scout meeting. It was a crazy night!

  2. I loved hearing the girls talk about Murray the other morning - love your family!